IMG_1232Thought I’d set this one up in case my real blog goes bust, hence the abbreviations of the two cities that are – currently at least – the pillars of my life. Two cities that shape(d) and continue to guide me. One, up North where it’s cold and dark and the sun doesn’t (really) set in the summer. The other in the center of Europe, where the winters are bearable and the summers so hot you could wonder why our ancestors ever settled here.



Two cities so different, and yet borne of the same tribe. A tribe that once, a very long time ago, set out from its birth land though no one knows why. Some headed South, others opted for North.



I’m connected to the one in the South by virtue or misfortune of birth, depending how you look at it. My heart is very much here, as this is where I set up camp for the time being. Yet, my heart also belongs to France (the country of my passport), and America (where I spent my childhood and youth).



Confused? Then welcome to the life and mindset of a Cross-Cultural Individual / Kid. I can’t speak for all of us, we’re all as different as any group you will come across. My voice is merely one in a pool of many, completing the general picture of who we are one jigsaw at a time.



So stick around, have a read, leave a comment, ask a question. Enjoy the pictures, enjoy the other blogs you can find here, either in the I follow section, or via the comments. Most importantly of all, take a break and have fun.

HkiBp’s older sibling with longer posts and a more socio-political slant is at helsinkibudapest.wordpress.com


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